Pure Energy Visions Corporation ("Pure Energy" TSX.V: PEV, Frankfurt: XYQ) is an alternative energy company. At the present time its major asset is its investment in Pure Energy Solutions Inc. (PES) an industry innovator in portable-power enabling technologies and products. PES is the first company to successfully develop and bring to market two complementary technologies that address the growing demand for clean, portable, renewable energy storage products - Universal Wire-Free charging pads and accessories and environmentally responsible Rechargeable Alkaline Manganese ("RAMcell") batteries.

Rechargeable Battery Products

PES's patented RAMcell are considered one of the most economical and environmentally responsible batteries available worldwide. They are sold at retail and to several OEM companies under the Pure Energy brand and several private label brands.


  • The RAMcell technology is made in Canada and has over 25 international patents
  • Truly "green" - only RAM battery in the world that contains no toxic heavy metals
  • 100 - 5,000 recharges depending on the application and frequency of rechaging
  • Pre-charged and ready to use with a shelf life of up to seven years
  • Sold at a number of leading retailers including Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Canadian Tire, Loblaws, Auchan, Woolworth and many others
  • OEM products using RAMcell include solar lights, spot lights, mice, keyboards, energy monitors, others

Wire-Free Products

PES is the first company to offer commercially available wire-free charging technology that can work with multiple devices across multiple brands. From cell phones that require only a few watts of power, to laptops that can consume over a hundred watts - virtually any device that has a rechargeable battery can be powered from a single, contiguous, and non-discriminating charging surface. Products available include (i) universal charging pads (ii) charging gel skins for mobile phones (iii) charging hard cases for mobile phones (iv) charging universal adaptors for mobile phones, and (v) PowerDisc adapters.


  • PES's universal conductive charging technology has a wide number of patents
  • Broad application in a number of consumer electronics, durable goods, and infrastructure markets
  • Scalable and efficient technology
  • Significant market traction - key partnerships and customer relationships established with products now available in several international markets including the US, Canada, Europe and Australia

The green energy company, changing the way you power your world